Dividing a circle into a certain number of segments

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Dividing a circle into a certain number of segments

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I am trying to create a 2D model of a simple protractor for engraving. Something like this:

https://viewclear.net/myblog/wp-content ... e-jpeg.jpg

Unfortunately, I’ve been having one hell of a time with it. The way I figure to go about it is like this.
  • Create two concentric circles.
  • Divide both of them into 36 parts. (I just want segments of 10 degrees on my protractor.)
  • Connect the segment ends with degree lines.
  • Delete the outer circle. (Don’t know, though, if this will be possible, as it’s used to draw the degree lines.)
    I would like to delete the inner circle too, but, once again, don’t know, if this will be possible, because besides it’s being used for drawing the degree lines, it’s also used as a path for degree markings. See next on these.
  • Mark the degree lines with headers 0, 10, 20, etc., using the inner circle as the path, on the inside of it.
Now, I am not saying this is the best or even the right way of doing this, because I have not been able to get past the first stage, drawing concentric circles.

Actually, I got stumped at trying to divide one circle into 36 parts. As far as I can see, ArtCAM has no standard tool for doing this. And my search in the Internet has not had any success. Oh, there is plenty of instructional material out there, but it’s either on the very basic level, of the type “to draw a circle, press this button”, or a sequence of similar “press this button, then this one” for making complex carvings.

So, at this stage I am at the end of my wits and will be grateful for any advice offered on how to proceed.

The problem has been solved. The solution has been rather a simple one. Only needed to think a bit out of the box.
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